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the best address for the implementation of their strategic plans.

We create added value through strategic
and pragmatic innovation and transformation.

Digital innovation and transformation requires strong partners.

We know how hard it is to find the right partner for innovation

From company building more than 35+ founded companies we know how hard it is to create something new - in existing and new structures. We also know how hard it is to find a good partner in innovation and transformation.

The right
is hard to find


Most do not have
sufficient skills

Many offer everything, but master only a fraction of the necessary depth.


Most do not have
skin in the game

They do not work like founders and therefore consider the project as a pure service provider.


Most waste
your time

They have no interest in the product or the customer's core business.

In order to solve these problems for our customers, we have created an ecosystem

We offer a true ecosystem

Our ecosystem consists not of departments but of independent companies. Highly specialized to meet the needs of our customers. In addition, we unite partners, universities and a corporate network.

We live innovation and entrepreneurship

The ecosystem was created from organic efforts and the ambitions of individual employees. That is our DNA. This is the foundation of our work.

We do not just consult, we implement

We develop ideas and we also implement them. Consistently, quickly and at low risk. We are the partner at the side of our customers.

What our
customers get out of it

If you want to create something new and transform the existing, you can do a lot wrong. But you can do a lot more right.
Those who work with mantro do everything right.

Strategic advantage

The mantro ecosystem helps to develop an implementation strategy for the company's goals and provides the right partners for a pragmatic and market-centric implementation.

Minimized risk

We are innovators and transformers with company building DNA. This means that we work with hypotheses and ensure that we question and test all assumptions. In this way, risks are consistently reduced.

High synergies

The ecosystem offers synergies and short communication channels. No politics. No hidden agenda. This creates far less work than traditional sourcing from different companies.

Targeted implementation

Our studios work out hypotheses, develop MVPs and test them in the market. In the process, only the absolutelymost important things are developed in order to achieve a fast go-to-market.

Countless possibilities

The mantro ecosystem offers countless opportunities to grow market share beyond digital innovation and transformation. Through our open culture and constant exchange, customers gain insight into a constant exploration of the digital world.

Our customers.

Over 100+ customers
already trust
our expertise

Many leading companies already trust us. No matter if start-up, medium-sized company or international corporation. We can deliver results in any market.

The proof
lies in the

Digital innovation and transformation requires
partners and service providers.

Years Company Building


Successful ventures


Jobs created


Employees in the ecosystem


Specialized studios


Locations in Europe


The mantro ecosystem is Germany's strongest alliance for digital innovation and transformation.
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