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Supercharging inventiveness

mantro develops strategy and technology for digital transformation. In this way, we support CxOs in unlocking digital potential to optimize their own organization and generate new business.

mantro is Germany's most experienced business builder.

Strategy and technology for 100+ established major players in the German and international economy.

We have made a name for ourselves as Germany's most experienced company builder. Now we help future-oriented companies with digital innovation and transformation. We offer a wide range of studios and services that help our clients successfully master the challenges of a digital world.

The problem

are changing.
but not your company!


You are looking for new markets and a suitable approach to achieve sustainable growth.


There is a strategy. However, it is not effective and only 5% of the workforce are aware of it.


You have no resources to take the first steps and convince stakeholders.

The solution

We change companies - with strategy and technology

We identify what is happening in the market and analyze how your company can benefit from it.

The experience of our experts meets data-based market research approaches to understand the company as well as the context and market.

We work together to develop and implement effective strategies.

Our clients have all the information they need for good strategies. With our workshop formats, we help with strategy development and the translation of strategy into actionable initiatives. Because that is what ambitious companies really need.

We are taking the first steps consistently, whether technologically or commercially.

Whether launching new products and services or developing internal systems - we help our customers take the first steps. In doing so, we lay the foundations for scaling and sustainable growth.






Strategy development + implementation

mantro helps organizations to develop actionable strategies. Through collaborative and cross-functional workshops, silos are overcome and holistic thinking is promoted. This saves time and money and ensures actionable strategies in just a few weeks.

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Market research

mantro helps leading companies to make better and faster innovation decisions. Data-based and without gut feeling.

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Technology and innovation development + implementation

mantro offers top-class tech teams on a monthly subscription basis and at a fixed price for the technical implementation of MVPs, digital products and solutions.

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Artificial intelligence

mantro helps companies to discover the potential of artificial intelligence and exploit it profitably. We act as a general contractor: from identification, potential analysis and prototyping to the implementation and operation of AI systems - all from a single source.

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Business Building

mantro offers companies a structured approach to building and investing in young technology companies from the outset.

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The Ecosystem
In Munich

Our company location in Munich

‍Ourheadquarters in Sendling offers sufficient space for mantro, partners and some ventures of the mantro ecosystem.

Due to its central location and the friendly design of the premises, the headquarters also serves as a hub for social events in the ecosystem.

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Zielstattstr. 19

Questions and
Answers on

01 Our clients work with senior partners.

Strategy work is one of the most important and at the same time one of the most complex tasks in a company. In order to meet this complexity with sufficient expertise and experience, we only provide our clients with senior partners. This creates an exchange of knowledge and a productive working relationship at eye level. 

02Projectscan start within 7 days.

Strategy, market research or technology development - in most cases we can start our work within 7 days of a project request. A quick project start is possible as we do not need long negotiation times for commercial frameworks. Many of our clients come to us with rough concepts and visions - we help to give these concepts and visions substance. And we do this primarily through early-stage and rapid exploration in time-and-material. 

03 We only work with people who can and want to make decisions.

Change can only take place if it is supported by important decisions. That's why we only work with people who can and want to make decisions. The courage to change paired with a mandate to move forward - that is the basic prerequisite for successful change. 

04Weare honest. Painfully honest.

With honesty and openness, we help our clients to make the right decisions so that no unnecessary investments are made and careers are destroyed. 

05Weare unorthodox. A Swiss army knife with a lot of experience.

Early-stage innovation and transformation requires a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience. Our senior partners are therefore Swiss army knives with specialization. Their extensive experience helps them to assess situations. The individual specializations help to make the right domain decisions. 

06Wedo not have a productized standard procedure.

Our strength lies in being flexible and not stubbornly sticking to a standard toolkit. We customize our tools based on our experience to find valuable solutions instead of relying on standardized tools. Our approach is to tailor skills, tools and experience to the needs of our clients. 


The mantro ecosystem is Germany's strongest alliance for digital innovation and transformation. Arrange a free initial consultation now.