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Strategic Success Through Digital Innovation and Transformation.

mantro helps top decision-makers in future-oriented companies to achieve their strategic goals. From consulting to implementation - everything from one ecosystem.

mantro is Germany's most experienced company builder.

The mantro ecosystem, innovation and transformation with company building DNA.

We have made a name for ourselves as Germany's most experienced company builder, and now we help forward-looking companies with digital innovation and transformation. We offer a wide range of studios and services that help our clients successfully master the challenges of a digital world.

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Why digital innovation and transformation decide the future?

Digital transformation and innovation secure and increase market share.

Leading companies have recognized that digital innovation and transformation are critical to securing and growing their own market share. Yet 95% of innovation efforts fail. Moreover, by 2030, more than 75% of the S&P 500 will be made up of unknown companies.

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Strategic consulting
and support.

We offer top decision makers strategy and implementation experience from 18 years of digital innovation and transformation.


Pragmatic implementation of strategic measures.

Through our specialized studios, we offer a networked range of services in order to provide holistic support - yet we offer the absolute specialists for every problem.


The Environment for Innovation
and Transformation.

From innovation to transformation to startup and venture capital investment, the mantro ecosystem is the best breeding ground for entrepreneurship.




The mantro ecosystem provides subject matter expertise in key areas.

One ecosystem - six highly specialized studios

Our studios are autonomous with their own teams and cultures. Yet they work closely together in the ecosystem to achieve synergies in meeting the strategic challenge of our customers.





Digital innovation

Intelligence Studio

mantro intelligence studio is an agency for data-based market analysis and segmentation. Building on artificial intelligence, we find and identify real future opportunities.

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Product Studio

mantro product studio is a company for the development of digital products. We validate ideas, shape them into products and successfully place them on the market.

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Venture Studio

mantro venture studio is a studio for managing diverse innovation vehicles in different industries. We give innovation a business case and create entrepreneurial value.

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Digital transformation

Marketing Studio

mantro marketing studio is a studio for interim marketing management. It develops the foundation for a scalable marketing organization.

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Integration Studio

mantro integration studio is a software and process integrator. We support companies in the digitalization of their core processes.

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Solution Studio

mantro solution studio is a company for building future-oriented IT architectures and developing customized software. We define, design, develop and operate the digital building blocks of the future in companies.

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Our ecosystem
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What our
customers get out of it

Strategic advantage

The mantro ecosystem helps to develop an implementation strategy for the company's goals and provides the right partners for a pragmatic and market-centric implementation.

Minimized risk

We are innovators and transformers with company building DNA. This means that we work with hypotheses and ensure that we question and test all assumptions. In this way, risks are consistently reduced.

High synergies

The ecosystem offers synergies and short communication channels. No politics. No hidden agenda. This creates far less work than traditional sourcing from different companies.

Targeted implementation

Our studios work out hypotheses, develop MVPs and test them in the market. In the process, only the absolutely most important is developed in order to achieve a fast go-to-market.

Countless possibilities

The mantro ecosystem offers countless opportunities to grow market share beyond digital innovation and transformation. Through our open culture and constant exchange, customers gain insight into a constant exploration of the digital world.

Our customers.

Over 100+ customers
already trust
our expertise

Many leading companies already trust us. No matter if start-up, medium-sized company or international corporation. We can deliver results in any market.

The Ecosystem
In Munich

Our company location in Munich

‍Ourheadquarters in Sendling offers enough space for the studios as well as some ventures of the mantro ecosystem.

Due to the central location as well as the friendly design of the premises, the headquarters also serves as a hub for social events in the ecosystem.
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Questions and
Answers about

01 What makes mantro

mantro is a network of specialized studios, universities, partner companies and customers. These players work together to develop digital innovation and transformation. mantro is the parent company of the ecosystem, which brings all participants together and promotes regular exchange. A unique constellation of motivation, experience and knowledge emerges from the networking and exchange.

02Whyare there individual studios?

At mantro, we have recognized over the years that the highest possible quality requires optimal structures per issue. That is why we have spun off independent companies (studios) that play their part in the ecosystem with their own team, culture and professional specialization. By spinning off our own studios, we prevent dilution of activities and offer the best experts in the respective field an optimal environment to develop their skills.

03 What do I, as a company, get out of this ecosystem?

mantro offers strategy consulting and implementation from a single system. No matter what strategic goal our clients pursue, the mantro ecosystem offers the right studio. Due to the organizational, physical and cultural connection of all studios, top decision makers benefit from important synergy and communication effects. This makes complex projects faster and easier to execute.

04Howdoes collaboration work?

We offer top decision makers different access points to the mantro ecosystem. Whether it is a specific question directly to the specialized studio or a general need for digital innovation and transformation: the experienced experts of the mantro ecosystem act as executive advisory partners and help with their experience from over 18 years of digital innovation and transformation to find the right path for the implementation of the strategic goals of our customers. Together with the experts from the studios' specialist areas, the optimal individual package is found for each customer.


The mantro ecosystem is Germany's strongest alliance for digital innovation and transformation. Arrange a free initial consultation now.