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We make
innovation the
business case

mantro offers companies a structured approach to building and investing in young technology companies from the outset.

We have pioneered the structured approach to venture building for more than 18 years.

We open up markets through structured innovation.

From our experience of 18 years of company building, we have developed a model that turns innovation into a profit center. We enable the structured development of innovative portfolios to open up new strategically relevant markets and thus generate genuine new business.

Who benefits from our approach?

New business units

Established companies that want to strategically open up new markets and offer a portfolio of products and services in these markets in the future.

Strategic investments

Companies that want to structure investments in strategically relevant start-ups with risk sharing and professional investment management.

Regional start-up support

Companies and regional politicians who want to promote and actively support young entrepreneurship in their own region.

The mantro
Venture studio

Cost-efficient and targeted building, partnering and investing.

The probability that young companies and start-ups will be successful and generate a positive return on investment is significantly higher if experienced founders and entrepreneurs are involved.

It is precisely these experts that we bring together in the mantro ecosystem and make them available to the young portfolio companies in our Venture Studios. In this way, we reduce the risk of failure and increase the probability of success.

Our own success is directly linked to the entrepreneurial success of the portfolio companies and the venture studios. That is why we do not generate high fixed costs or an organizational water head, but instead deploy our skills in a targeted manner precisely where they create real entrepreneurial value.

Use cases

Use cases
Use cases
Use cases

Use cases

Use cases
Use cases
Use cases
Our customers can choose from two Venture Studio options.

Single LP Venture Studio

Clients use our Venture Studio approach to create a strategic, external innovation unit to develop a new market. mantro takes over the management of this unit and the corporate partner acts as a strategic investor. The investment hypothesis of the Venture Studio describes the strategic decision for the market segment in which the corporate partner would like to play a significant role in the future.
The goal of the Single-LP Venture Studio is to build a relevant product and service portfolio that can be integrated into the corporate partner as a business unit once it has reached maturity.

Regional Venture Studio

Established companies, banks and public authorities work together with mantro to establish a regional venture studio organization that invests in local start-ups and actively supports them in their growth and path to profitability through access to mantro's experts and other partners.

builds better and
more successful

Experienced founders reach the Series A investment round on average 2x faster than first-time founders.
On average, serial founders have a 2.2-fold higher success rate.
Investments in early-stage Venture Studio companies lead to multiples of up to 3.86x.
Investments in early-stage venture studio companies lead to an IRR of up to 34%.
60% of the start-ups from the mantro Venture Studio achieve Series A financing.
The mantro ecosystem offers direct access to 100+ experts.
mantro Venture Building strengthens the inventive spirit of entrepreneurs and founders.

We have been pioneering a structured approach to venture building for more than 18 years.

Supercharging inventiveness - with mantro's venture building approach, we have created an environment that enables us to build, accelerate and invest in disruptive companies from the ground up.

Clear vision

We focus on unconditional value creation through effective technologies and businesses with potential for sustainable existence.

Experienced Expert:inside

Our venture teams consist of experienced industry and subject matter experts. Together we accompany founders on their journey.

Proven methods

Our process combines the theoretical methodology with lived practical experience. The resulting activities are characterized by the radical pragmatism and focus on the essential.

Manfred Tropper
mantro CEO
Ben Schüdzig
mantro CTO
Markus Ortmann
mantro CPO


01 How does the mantro venture studio work together with the active start-up team?

The Venture Building Team sees itself as an "institutional co-founder". We support the core team in setting up the organization, selecting and implementing the right next steps and focusing on the essentials. The focus is always on the core team. We pave the way and provide the right experts for the important questions from the mantro ecosystem. 

02Whatdistinguishes the Venture Studio from a classic early-stage investor?

Unlike other early-stage investors, we take on an active support role and go far beyond a pure financing and mentoring role. We make sure that the core team can concentrate on the essentials and actively support them in all areas.

03Whydoes the Venture Studio play such an important role, especially in the early stages of young companies?

Most young companies fail in the early phase due to a lack of product-market fit or a poor go-to-market strategy. Here at mantro, we have the perfect network of experts and years of experience to optimally support the core teams in this critical phase. Our active collaboration in the early phase lays the foundation for later success and at the same time actively promotes the greatest value lever in the company's development.

04Whydoes the Venture Studio save costs?

Thanks to the lean organizational structure, in which experts from the mantro ecosystem are only activated when needed, there are neither high running costs nor high management fees. The synergies created by multi-studio management generate efficient and professional processes that ensure that the maximum value can be created per euro invested.

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