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Company building

Company building

Company building

Company building

Company building

Company building

Company Building: Development and consulting as drivers for innovation.

Achieving strategic goals through company building.

Conversion of ideas into products, business models and independent companies.

Company building, also known as venture building, is used by companies to implement innovative and new business models in the form of start-ups created specifically for this purpose.

Company building allows new ideas and concepts to be tested quickly and introduced to the market without affecting the existing business. This is particularly useful if the content of the new idea for an innovation is very different from the core business or if the aim is to acquire new customers from other sectors. The innovation project is developed as an independent start-up as part of the company building process in order to obtain real feedback from the market with minimal risk. This involves creating a separate team with its own mission, its own goals and, if necessary, its own legal form in order to be able to act independently.

Mantro - the
With Company
building DNA

We help companies to develop their business idea for solving problems in independent business models.

Our experts at mantro are serial entrepreneurs with decades of experience. In our company building consulting, we advise companies on how they can realize new ideas and business models in newly founded start-ups. As company builders, we provide our concentrated experience and expertise.

by Mantro

Advantages of collaboration:

Benefits for companies from all sectors - whether start-ups, established SMEs or international corporations.

In our 18 years of company history, we at mantro have developed products, tested business models and realized them in the form of new companies.

mantro product studio

For example, the mantro product studio specializes in validating an idea or concept on the market, successively developing it into products and then scaling the solution into an independent business model and successful company. At mantro product studio, we work pragmatically and always focus on the customer needs of the market and the industries. The business models we develop are based on a validated idea and consist of a fully market-tested solution. Whether you are a start-up, an established SME or an international corporation with thousands of employees, we always act as consultants, innovators and doers.

Experienced and experienced team

Every client and every company receives support from our staff, who have extensive expertise in venture creation, product development, technical aspects and marketing. Each of our employees was either a founder or already has experience in start-ups. We put together a team that is individually tailored to the customer's needs and acts as a driver of innovation to increase the probability of success of the new business model.

Freedoms in meeting the challenges

In order to be able to exploit the "first mover advantage" with the innovative business model or product and to drive the business idea forward quickly, we grant each start-up the freedom to develop independently of the parent company and the existing core organization of a company. To this end, the start-up is given its own goals, its own software, its own team and possibly its own legal form. We also introduce modern innovation management, which means that idea generation and evaluation as well as product development are carried out using agile and flexible methods and approaches.

High probability of success

A well-known saying goes: "A wise man learns from the mistakes of others." At mantro, we made mistakes from time to time in our first start-ups in the early 2000s. But over time, our start-ups became more and more successful because we had more experience, industry knowledge, expertise and other skills to avoid bad investments. We now have numerous successes as consultants, company builders and investors. Only after several test phases and proof of business do we look for investors for the respective start-up. With the right team, we drive the growth of the start-up until it can operate independently.

now and
Achieve strategic goals through company Building

Our approach to successful company building:

Company Building by mantro - Development of ideas, products, business models and companies.

A network of highly specialized studios for the rapid testing and implementation of ideas.

Company building develops an idea into a product, a business model, a company. This process is complex and full of pitfalls. As an experienced company builder, we have created a unit of specialized studios. In addition to expertise and a network, these studios also offer a radical focus on the customer benefits of the future company. The aim is to develop a solution that solves real customer problems and can be scaled into a profitable company.

Proven methods and tools

In company building, companies can test new ideas and concepts quickly and effectively and introduce them to the market. This gives them the opportunity to expand their business models and diversify their product portfolio. This approach is particularly suitable if the idea for an innovation is thematically far removed from the core business or if, for example, other players in the same industry are to become customers. The innovation is developed in company building as an independent start-up in order to obtain real market feedback with little risk.

Rapid and market-centered testing

In order to build a successful company, an established methodology is required. In company building, the first step is to create fertile ground and ensure that the company is ready for a company building project. A problem or opportunity is then identified and a solution developed. Customer-centric methods are used to understand exactly which customer problem needs to be solved. The idea is then reduced to the bare essentials and prototypically tested as a minimum viable product (MVP) using the lean start-up method. Design sprints are very helpful here in order to design a solution quickly and in a user-centered manner. If the customer feedback is positive, the MVP is implemented using agile methods and quickly launched on the market. The operational processes are also taken into account to ensure that the first users can also buy the service.

Customer needs and customer benefits are the North Star

Which companies
benefit from Company Building:

Company Building is particularly recommended for companies that have set themselves the goal of securing their strategic goals and competitive position through innovative business models. This involves not only business models that are far removed from the usual business, but also solutions that are related to the company's existing business model.

Furthermore, Company Building is an option for all companies that are stagnating in their development in order to regain growth by developing new business models. From previous experience, it is known that especially the management of both medium-sized companies and corporate groups uses Company Building as an important building block in the achievement of the strategy.

The mantro ecosystem is the answer to the question of finding the right partner:

We know how difficult it is to find the right partner. Many service providers don't have the necessary skills, don't prioritize customer benefits and therefore burn up too many resources and capital. We are consultants and entrepreneurs every step of the way. Together with our clients, we help them achieve strategic goals, stand up to the world's competition and create sustainable growth. Our approach brings speed and our ecosystem provides the space for an idea to grow into a product with real customer value and thus the basis for a sustainable business.

Our services for company building

The mantro
ecosystem offers first-class services and access to our network.

Through the mantro ecosystem, our clients gain access to key resources for the exploration and implementation of new ideas, support, technologies and methodologies. As visionary consultants and serial entrepreneurs, we at mantro are familiar with a wide range of industries. We provide companies with customized advice and support to successfully develop products, business models and successful companies and ventures. This enables companies to achieve their strategic goals by opening up new business areas and expanding their portfolio.

FAQ about company building - mantro and its tasks:

01 What does the mantro ecosystem do for Company Building?

The mantro ecosystem helps top decision makers in forward-thinking companies to realize their strategic goals through company building. Often, strategic goals can be realized through the development of new products and services, business models or even independent ventures. The mantro ecosystem helps identify the right markets, create and test the right hypotheses, and develop and launch new products and services into the market.

02Whyis Company Building important for companies?

Company Building is important to companies for several reasons:

1. Driving Innovation: Company Building can help companies drive innovation by developing new business ideas and bringing innovative products and services to market.

2.. growth: Company Building can help companies expand their business and accelerate growth by developing new business areas and entering new markets.

3. diversification: Company Building can help companies diversify their business by expanding into new industries and business areas, which mitigates the risk of being dependent on only one market or industry.

4.. competitive advantage: Company Building can help companies gain a competitive advantage by offering innovative products and services that enable them to differentiate themselves from other companies in their industry.

5. talent acquisition: Company Building can help companies acquire talent with specific skills and experience that are essential for implementing new business ideas and projects.

In summary, Company Building is important for companies to drive innovation, expand and diversify their business, gain a competitive advantage, and attract talent.

03 Why is mantro the right partner for the path to the future?

We are entrepreneurs with more than 17 years of experience and expertise in digital transformation and innovation. Our approach is based on freedom of action and our value proposition for a digital future. Our clients include both start-ups and established medium-sized companies. Customers who use our expertise benefit in two ways: value and strength. Companies gain value and their competitiveness is strengthened, because that is the challenge of a digital world.

04 Whatis an ecosystem?

An ecosystem for innovation is a network of organizations, companies and individuals that jointly generate innovative ideas, technologies and products. An ecosystem for innovation is necessary to promote collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and resources between actors and thus accelerate innovation. It also enables the creation of new business opportunities, the promotion of growth and the creation of new jobs.

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