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mantro helps companies discover the potential of artificial intelligence and exploit it profitably.

Why artificial intelligence must become an important part of every business.

The biggest change since the industrial revolution is coming.

Artificial intelligence is reshuffling the cards. Companies are facing many challenges for their own business model, but also opportunities to secure and expand their market share.

However, the fragmented market of AI service providers is a problem for many companies. There is a lack of clear strategies and real use cases that can be implemented in scalable software and hardware systems.

The mantro AI team acts as an AI general contractor. It offers customers everything from a single source: from identification, potential analysis and prototyping to the implementation and operation of AI systems.

Why AI made and run by mantro?

Everything from one source

mantro AI covers the entire spectrum of artificial intelligence. Learning from experience, understanding language, recognizing images, interpreting language, solving complex problems and operating AI infrastructures - all from a single source.

Highest data security

Our AI applications are GDPR-compliant, as all data does not leave the respective company. A ChatGPT for your own company purposes? Definitely feasible with us.

Guaranteed ESG compliance

We offer circular cloud computing for the development and operation of AI applications. These data centers offer the best (eco) performance through the circular use of waste heat from the servers. This reduces the carbon footprint and saves energy.

On-Demand Data Centers in DACH

Whether private or public cloud, we offer rapidly scalable data centers in the DACH region for the operation of AI applications.


Leading companies already trust us.

Our experts have already worked with many established companies in the B2B sector. Together with our clients, we have developed AI strategies, developed AI-supported service offerings and launched data strategies and data foundations.




We can help you prepare for the future by accelerating your understanding of AI.


"Seeing is believing" is the core of our AI approach. In a first step, we inspire our customers by showing them solution concepts to demonstrate the technical possibilities of the AI world. In the second step, we work out concrete use cases in our mantro "BigData2DataBusiness" workshop, prioritize them and derive an AI roadmap.


High data quality is essential for a successful AI application. In addition to the deepening of the use case, the focus here is on the underlying data model. Which data assets are available, which can be linked to each other and which could possibly be added to make the model more robust? The result is technically feasible, data-centric AI solutions.

AI roadmap

We find AI use cases, evaluate them and develop an AI roadmap. This roadmap serves as a communication vehicle to bring together multiple stakeholder groups. The roadmap also helps the organization to synchronize and constantly (re-)prioritize AI activities in order to make the best possible use of people and resources. 

Agile product development

In our final step, agile product development, we bring every AI idea to life. We use proven agile methods to quickly develop prototypes, integrate feedback and iterate. This approach allows us to react flexibly to changing requirements and develop a high-quality AI application in the shortest possible time.


Machine learning
Generative AI
Natural Language Processing
Computer Vision



Realized AI projects


Years of accumulated professional experience

350 million

In cost savings through our AI solutions

mantro AI at a glance

Company building meets artificial intelligence and circular cloud computing

Our experts are leaders in all areas necessary for the development of pragmatic, scalable and sustainable AI solutions.

01ManfredTropper / mantro group

Manfred has more than 20 years of experience in innovation, company building and strategy.

02PhilippGellert / iVivid

Philipp Gellert has been working in the intersection of artificial intelligence and corporate strategy for more than 10 years.

03MartinSchechtner / Diggers

Martin Schechtner and his team are developing circular cloud computing data centers for the sustainable operation of AI systems. 

Manfred Tropper
mantro CEO
Philipp Gellert
mantro iVivid
Martin Schechtner
Diggers Research


01 What is mantro AI?

The unique combination of pragmatic AI implementation expertise, carbon-neutral AI infrastructure and the ability to build market-relevant products and companies forms the basis for the joint AI alliance. The core USP is that relevant AI use cases of the highest quality can be identified and built and the data models are CO₂-neutral.

02Whois iVivid?

iVivid was founded in February 2023 and has since established itself in the market for data-centric development of products and services. The founding team around Philipp Gellert and Jozo Lagetar have previously worked together in leading roles in AI companies. iVivid is based at the Bavarian Innovation and Transformation Center in Oberschneiding, a campus of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. The iVivid consulting business has been under the umbrella of mantro since October 2023, while the AI product business will remain 100% with iVivid.

03Whois Diggers Research?

Diggers Research has created the basis for a CO₂-neutral and highly secure infrastructure for decentralized AI data centers. The ingenious liquid cooling design enables the direct use of waste heat from computing processes in a scalable and reliable manner for on-premise and cloud applications. Combined with local renewable energy and thanks to the unique design of Diggers, companies can even achieve a positive carbon footprint for the use of AI.

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