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mantro helps organizations to develop actionable strategies. Through collaborative and cross-functional workshops, silos are overcome and holistic thinking is promoted. This saves time and money and ensures actionable strategies in just a few weeks.

The mantro Strategy Supercharger. A better way of working with strategy.

A collaborative, cross-functional strategy format for solving complex issues.

The mantro Strategy Supercharger is a workshop format based on the principle of syntegrity. The aim is to develop strategy internally and translate it into actionable concepts and projects. The best thing about it: mantro does not develop a strategy on its own. We work together with our clients. The resulting strategies are based on the comprehensive knowledge of the organization and are therefore accepted organically.

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All the answers for a good
strategy are already available in the

Most companies know themselves, their customers and the context best. That is why we help to translate this information into actionable strategies and consequently into strategic initiatives.


You follow a corporate strategy, but the execution is improvised instead of orchestrated.

As a rule, only 5% of the company is aware of the prevailing strategy. We help to bring strategy into every area of the company so that strategy becomes actionable and efficient.


Strategy is best when
it is developed collaboratively by experts

Strategy must be lived. In every part of the company. And it is most likely to be lived if people from all hierarchies and functions share responsibility for it. 

How our
customers benefit

Strategy with impact

A strategy is only worth as much as its execution. This is why existing strategies are thoroughly reviewed and translated into strategic initiatives for the respective business and specialist area. All adjacent stakeholders are involved in the process. This is how we break down silos and promote company-wide collaboration.

A few weeks instead of several months or even years

"If only the company knew what it knows." Companies usually have enough knowledge about the context, their customers and their own business to develop successful strategies. This is precisely why actionable strategies with concrete strategic initiatives are created in just a few weeks.

Mobilization of the entire organization

As a rule, only 5% of the workforce is aware of a corporate strategy. The mantro Strategy Supercharger helps to bring the strategy to the furthest reaches of the company through actionable initiatives.


Leading companies already trust us.

Our experts have already worked with many start-ups, established companies and international corporations. The exact client/reference list is available on request.

References available on request

Procedure of the

These points represent all employees in a company.

Only 5% of employees are generally aware of the corporate strategy.

Everyone else improvises.

The Strategy Supercharger brings together employees from all hierarchies and functions to ensure that a strategy is put into practice throughout the company.

Based on a key question, we develop strategic initiatives together with the participants.

These initiatives are then condensed into the 12 most valuable initiatives.

The prioritization is carried out by the participants.

Criteria can be

  • Cost reduction
  • Gain time
  • Additional sales
  • Throughput

The Strategy Supercharger makes it possible to implement strategic initiatives in a targeted, synchronized and orchestrated manner, as everyone is in the know. This is only possible through mutual understanding and knowledge networking.

Contact person

mantro Strategy Experts - Your partner for strategy

Philipp Gellert / Head of Strategy

Philipp Gellert is an expert in the areas of strategy execution, organizational development and change management. He attaches great importance to the synchronization of corporate goals and an orchestrated implementation approach. His work focuses on the people involved and the knowledge of the organization.

Manfred Tropper / Commercial Strategy

Manfred Tropper, Managing Director and namesake of mantro, is a well-known founder of the German start-up scene and a popular sparring partner for SMEs and corporations. His many years of experience in founding start-ups and joint ventures set him apart as a strategist. 

Benjamin Schüdzig / Technology Strategy

Benjamin Schüdzig is CTO of mantro and head of all development activities at mantro. With his team of more than 30 developers and digital experts, he develops software - from prototypes to enterprise-grade systems for millions of users. Benjamin is a technology sparring partner in the German SME and corporate landscape.

Dr. Markus Ortmann / Product Strategy

Markus Ortmann is a product and marketing expert. His experience in go-to-market and product marketing for fast-growing companies makes him a suitable sparring partner for product-oriented companies. 

Dr. Matthias Kramer / Operations Strategy

Matthias Kramer is an expert in operations. For many years, Matthias Portfolio has helped companies and clients to establish efficient processes, workflows and structures. He often took on the role of Interim Chief Operating Officer. 

Philipp Gellert
Head of Strategy
Manfred Tropper
Commercial Strategy
Ben Schüdzig
Technology Strategy
Markus Ortmann
Product Strategy
Matthias Kramer
Operations Strategy


01 How long does the Strategy Supercharger take?

The Strategy Supercharger usually requires 2 weeks of preparation, 2-3 days of collaborative work and a week of follow-up. This means that companies are ready to launch strategic initiatives in less than a month. 

02Whatdoes the Strategy Supercharger cost?


03 What team sizes is the Stategy Supercharger suitable for?

The Strategy Supercharger is suitable for teams from 10 people up to 100+. The ideal size depends primarily on the complexity of the issues. 

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