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Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Digital transformation: consulting on the introduction of innovative and efficient technologies and ways of working.

Achieve strategic goals through clear transformation strategies, digital technologies and pragmatic implementation.

The digital transformation of the business world has led to numerous young companies putting pressure on the established big players.

Disruptive business models such as the platform economy have given rise to Airbnb and Uber and, in turn, weakened the hotel and cab business.The time when companies created new products exclusively according to their own ideas is over. Instead, the focus has shifted to customers and their needs when developing products and services. Companies that fail to adapt to this change are in danger of gradually suffering a drop in sales.

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Strategically, individually and with the help of experts from a comprehensive ecosystem.

Holding on to a business model that has been successful for decades is one factor holding companies back from implementing digital transformation. The question of which detailed steps should be taken to complete digitization is also a headache.

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Advantages of collaboration:

We at mantro are the ideal partner for this challenge.

Based on our extensive expertise in the areas of business and digital technologies as well as our many years of experience as visionary consultants and serial entrepreneurs in various industries, we are able to deliver customized and individual solutions in a complex and digital world.

01 Individual consulting

Our business consulting is always tailored to your company! Whether you are looking to digitize your products or services, implement business-critical ERP systems, or plan a digital transformation in another area: We advise you on your needs and your individual situation in order to take an efficient path to digitization based on a requirements analysis. We deliver exactly the right solutions for your digital transformation.

02 Consistent implementation

Our strategic implementation helps to achieve a consistent and successful digital transformation! A strategy gives the implementation of the digital transformation a clear plan. It also makes our work more transparent, because you can track our actions based on the strategy. When developing a strategy, we focus on anticipating the challenges of the coming years and digitizing your company in a future-proof way.

03 Technological implementation

We implement adequate technologies into your business processes! Thanks to the appropriate technology, we make processes more efficient and simpler. Automating workflows and setting up interfaces between software can save you significant time and money. The data volumes generated from the modern and powerful tools (Big Data) offer a wide range of insights for optimizing sales figures, marketing and other areas.

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Challenges of the digital transformation:

Digital transformation:
The way companies work is also changing.

A significant part of the digital transformation involves changing the way companies work. In times of digitalization and disruptive business models, the development of new products, services and marketing campaigns requires a creative approach.

01 Responsiveness is required

Nowadays, it is increasingly irrelevant how long a company has been on the market and how popular it is. Rather, it is important to be able to react to changes on the market with above-average speed and to take the right measures to follow up the innovations of the competition with an even better solution of one's own.

02 Anticipation ofnew developments through modern working methods

Ideally, you not only react to the changes, but also anticipate the development of the markets and come up with innovations before your competitors do, innovations that will sweep people away. However, you will only succeed if you bundle the entire creative potential of your employees and approach digital change with an open mind. As your consultant for digital transformation, we will provide you with creative and modern working methods precisely for this purpose.

03 Flexibility & Agility

Flexibility and agility are at the forefront of idea creation. In order to be flexible and agile, the use of methods to increase employee creativity has proven effective. Corresponding creativity techniques have emerged from the field of digital innovation management:

  • Design Thinking
  • Business Model Generation
  • ScrumLean Management
  • and many more

Our expert teams also make use of these creativity techniques when we develop innovations and ideas for our own projects or for our customers. This enables us to advise you on the introduction of such processes in your company and to train your employees in the optimal use of creativity techniques.

The process of how an idea is generated as part of a creative process, how it is further developed and how it finally reaches the market in the form of a customer-centric product is a process that we teach in our consulting and support for the digital transformation of your company.

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Sticking with the tried and true and denying digital transformation is the cardinal mistake of many

Some companies forgo digitization because they want to stick with their tried-and-tested business and work processes. But a rolling stone gathers no moss: Numerous global players, such as the giant Eastman Kodak, have almost fallen because they refrained from digitizing their products and/or business processes.

The fate that almost befell Eastman Kodak can hit small and medium-sized companies all the more. Market leaders who are careless in meeting the challenges of digital transformation are equally at risk. With a view to future development in every industry, digital transformation is an indispensable step.

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mantro is Germany's most experienced ecosystem for digital transformation and innovation:

mantro's Digital Transformation Consulting provides you with inspiration, support, digital technologies and methodology for your digital transformation. As visionary consultants and serial entrepreneurs, we at mantro are familiar with a wide range of industries. With us, you can expect customized consulting for the successful digitalization of your company and your workflows. This even opens up the opportunity to develop new business areas and expand your company's portfolio.

FAQ on digital
mantro and its

01 What does the mantro ecosystem for digital transformation do?

The mantro ecosystem for digital transformation and innovation shapes digitization in companies. It helps to digitize processes in and the organization of companies. This enables process optimization, which helps to save costs and increase efficiency. In addition, our experts support employees in the digital transformation of marketing and the product and service offerings of companies. Of great importance is the implementation of modern technology for digitization and automation. For this purpose, the Digital Transformation Consultant is familiar with various software and the creation of interfaces between the programs. Our experts accompany your employees holistically on their way, because our goal is not to arrive in the digital world, but to be continuously on the move in it.

02 Whyis digital transformation important for every company?

Digital transformation is important for any company for several reasons:

1. Changes in the business environment: Digital transformation is necessary to meet the changing demands of the business environment, such as increasing customer requirements, changes in the competitive landscape, and technological advances.

2. Improved efficiency: Digital transformation can help automate and optimize business processes, which can increase efficiency and reduce costs.

3. New business opportunities: Digital transformation can enable companies to unlock new business opportunities by offering innovative products and services or developing new business models.

4. Improved customer interaction: Digital transformation can enable companies to improve their customer interaction by creating better customer experiences and responding to customer feedback.

5. Competitive advantage: Companies that embrace digital transformation can gain a competitive advantage by responding faster to market changes, gaining better insights into their customers and business processes, and implementing innovative business models.

6.. data analytics: Digital transformation enables companies to collect, analyze, and use data to make informed decisions and gain better insights into their customers and business.

In summary, digital transformation is important to meet changing business needs, increase efficiency, unlock new business opportunities, improve customer interactions, gain a competitive advantage, and gain better business insights.

03Why is mantro the right partner for your way into the future?

We are entrepreneurs with more than 18 years of experience and know-how in digital transformation and innovation. Our approach is based on freedom of action and our value proposition for a digital future. Our customers include start-ups as well as established medium-sized companies. Customers who use our know-how benefit twofold: value and strength. Their company gains value and their competitiveness is strengthened, because that is the challenge of a digital world.

04 Whatis an ecosystem?

An ecosystem for innovation is a network of organizations, companies and individuals that together generate innovative ideas, technologies and products. An ecosystem for innovation is necessary to foster collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and resources among stakeholders to accelerate innovation. It also enables the creation of new business opportunities, fostering growth and creating new jobs.

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