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Digital innovation

Digital innovation

Digital innovation

Digital innovation

Digital innovation

Digital innovation

Digital innovation: consulting and support for established companies and start-ups

Achieve strategic goals through clear strategies and pragmatic implementation.

Digital innovation
needs strategy.

Digital innovation needs strategy, because without strategy, wrong decisions are made, opportunities are assessed incorrectly, and resources are wasted. We help our clients align digital innovation with the strategic goals of the organization.

What is

Digital innovations are all novel products, services and technologies that are applied in a digital environment.

Due to increasing digitization, the term "digital environment" is now widely used: online banking, real estate management, electromobility - everything that takes place via software on Internet-enabled devices takes place in a digital environment. All new ideas that make everyday life considerably easier for users, for example, can be described as innovative.


by Mantro

How we see digital

Great potential for
development of new
business models

At mantro, we see digital innovation as the key to being competitive in the long term and safeguarding against disruptive new companies. In business consulting in innovation management and diversification of the business field, our Expert:in have specialized in the UrbanTech market...

Endless options

In relation to our world, there are numerous opportunities to make one's own company competitive and profitable in the long term through innovative business models. The following areas of life already need innovative solutions due to the transformation taking place:

  • Environment (e.g., energy optimization in buildings, real estate management, reforestation, affordable housing concepts).
  • Supply (e.g., scalability of energy networks, digital infrastructure, waste management solutions).
  • Mobility (e.g., networking of vehicles with traffic safety systems, scalability of public transport networks).
  • Construction (e.g. digitalization of planning on construction sites, construction with sustainable materials, construction controlling)

The right procedure

Companies will have the task of finding innovative ideas to overcome the problems mentioned above and many others. But before solutions can be developed, a concrete problem has to be identified in order to develop marketable products, technologies, services or other offerings based on a strategic and creative innovation process. This is where we at mantro come in.

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How the mantro ecosystem for digital innovation works

The starting point

Our customers work with our ecosystem to receive tailored consulting and implementation for their digital transformation and innovation. We support not only the strategy, but also the development and implementation. Our pragmatic methods bring the best results here.

We have launched several studios to meet the challenges of digital innovation.

Our services for
idea and strategy development, validation, prototyping and market release.

Strategy development

The mantro intelligence studio enables better and faster innovation decisions through data. As innovation strategy consultants, our team of experts helps identify the right markets. Based on the clients' market experience, the intelligence studio develops individual navigation systems. These systems include the company context and identify innovation potentials.


For the realization of the developed approaches, we offer several services in our consultancy and also access to our resources and expertise. The services mainly revolve around the aspects of idea development, the design of concrete concepts for innovations, the validation of the concepts and prototyping to test the business models in order to obtain a proof of business.


Together with our experts, the employees identify a problem for which a business idea with a high degree of innovation can be found. Together, we create MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) and test them. In some cases, the innovation is even co-created with the customer.

Market entry

In the case of products that prove to be marketable (keyword: proof of business), we search for employees in a rush and develop strategies to bring the products to market quickly. In this way, we exploit the first-mover advantage that our customers have over the competition in their industry. The ultimate goal is for the new and innovative business model to become self-sustaining and independent of the parent company.

Our ecosystem
For digital

.intelligence studio

.marketing studio

.product studio

.solution studio

mantro is the best address for digital innovation for future-oriented companies from all industries:

Digital innovation made to measure

Leading companies know that digital innovation protects and grows market share. Yet 95% of innovations fail, and over 75% of the S&P 500 in 2030 will be companies we haven't heard of. To ensure your innovations succeed, you need the right partner to help identify opportunities and develop new business pragmatically and efficiently.

Your interest is aroused?

Through our consulting and development services, we support customers from numerous industries in creating digital innovation and successfully establishing it in the market. Contact us and get first information about the possibilities for digital innovation within your company!

FAQ on digital
mantro and its

01 How does the mantro ecosystem help create digital innovation?

The mantro ecosystem helps top decision makers in forward-thinking companies realize their strategic goals through digital innovation. Often, strategic goals can be realized through the development of new products and services, business models or even independent ventures. The mantro ecosystem helps identify the right markets, create and test the right hypotheses, and develop and launch new products and services into the market.

02Whyis digital innovation important for every company?

Digital innovation is important to any business for several reasons:

1. Efficiency improvement: Digital innovation can help automate and optimize business processes, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

2. Customer loyalty: Through digital innovations, companies can create better customer experiences that can strengthen customer loyalty and improve brand image.

3. Competitive advantage: Companies that drive digital innovations can gain a competitive advantage by bringing new products and services to market faster or disruptively changing existing business models.

4.. flexibility: Digital innovations enable companies to be more flexible and agile in responding to market changes and customer needs.

5. data analytics: Digital innovations open up opportunities for companies to collect and analyze data to make informed decisions and gain better insights into their customers and business.

In summary, digital innovation can help increase efficiency and productivity, improve customer loyalty, gain a competitive advantage, be more flexible, and gain better insights into the business.

03Why is mantro the right partner for your way into the future?

We are entrepreneurs with more than 18 years of experience and know-how in digital transformation and innovation. Our approach is based on freedom in action and our value proposition for a digital future. Our customers include start-ups as well as established companies from the midmarket. Customers who use our know-how benefit twofold: value and strength. Their company gains value and their competitiveness is strengthened, because that is the challenge of a digital world.

04 Whatis an ecosystem?

An ecosystem for innovation is a network of organizations, companies and individuals that together generate innovative ideas, technologies and products. An ecosystem for innovation is necessary to foster collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and resources among stakeholders to accelerate innovation. It also enables the creation of new business opportunities, fostering growth and creating new jobs.

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