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"Supercharging inventiveness" is our mission statement. Developed from over 18 years of cooperation with corporations, medium-sized businesses and start-ups, it serves as our north star today. It determines the role we want to play for our customers, how we see ourselves and how we act day in, day out.

mantro is Germany's most experienced ecosystem for digital innovation and transformation.

Digital innovation and transformation is a journey, not a sprint.

The narratives of an increasingly digital world tell us that companies are too slow. Agility is required and the radical rethinking of internal processes. For us, successful change and the creation of something new does not come from short sprints or actionism, but from a consistent encounter with digitization. It's not about arriving in the digital world. It's about being on the move in the digital world.

We founded the mantro ecosystem for innovation and transformation to be on the digital road together with companies. True to the motto: those who want to go fast go alone. Those who want to go far, go together.



Large companies with an international reach form the basis for our prosperity. Since industrialization, it has been their groundbreaking innovations that have shaped our world and our everyday lives. They owe their success and growth to the establishment of processes and systems. But as structures grow, the power of innovation dwindles.

Between empires and innovation

Structures create reliability. However, a rigid system makes it difficult to think and act freely. Innovations require the willingness to take responsibility and to allow for possible failure. This willingness can be found in young companies in particular. In the first years, new things are tried and tested on the market, chaos is navigated and the lack of structures is celebrated. But if you want to scale and conquer the world, at some point you have to bring order to chaos and fall back on the very processes that seemed unthinkable at the beginning. So how to do one without leaving the other?


The imperative of digital transformation tells us: We are too slow. We are lagging behind. We need to hurry up. Hectically, we turn to a challenge and try to master it as quickly as possible. But if we stare at a problem as if spellbound, we quickly lose sight of the big picture. The complex issues of the digital world cannot be simplified and reduced to a project. Their context is crucial to the success of a real reboot.


How do you make decisions in a complex world? One takes the first step and thus already gains new insights and perspectives. Setting out is the true goal in a constantly changing world. What is conceived today may be obsolete tomorrow - that is the fear. The counter design is simple: The goal is not to arrive in the digital world. The goal is not to arrive in the digital world, but to be on the move in the digital world. Just do it and overcome resistance. It's fun. That's a promise.


You put all your courage and inventiveness together and came up with something really new. And now? How does it get out into the world quickly and in a commercially viable way? What happens if you fail? The answer is surprisingly simple: It is not the idea that is at the center of innovation, but the person. And he needs real freedom: trust and a willingness to take risks, as well as composure and patience when something doesn't work out right from the start. Then he courageously sets out to test ideas and concepts and to bring back what he has learned. This is how a real spirit of optimism is created.

Free space

Taking responsibility means making far-reaching decisions together. This is only successful if there is an open exchange about expectations, doubts, fears and wishes. And this already before you set off together. Constant communication about successes, failures and the small and large events in between creates transparency. This is the basis for the trust needed to go down new paths together.

18 years of experience with corporations, medium-sized businesses and start-ups.

The mantro ecosystem is home to six independent studios.

Each of these studios interprets the common image of the future in its own way. One thing is clearly in the foreground: stimulating and strengthening the inventive spirit of companies, industries and markets.

Time Machine
Back to the

The year is 2005 at

YouTube is in the process of being founded and MySpace is also still trending.

And in the middle of it all: three young men from Munich who are starting to develop digital technologies for companies. To capture the infectious energy of Manfred Tropper (CEO), they decide to call their idea "mantro. What follows over the next few years is a wild ride with many ups, downs, twists and dead ends.


The mantro ecosystem is Germany's strongest alliance for digital innovation and transformation. Arrange a free initial consultation now.