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We take your marketing to the next level.

The mantro marketing studio is a studio forinterim marketing management. It develops the foundation for a powerful and independent marketing organization.

Why many companies need to kickstart their marketing?

Many companies lack a solid foundation in marketing.

Lack of knowledge and capacity

Is there a lack of knowledge and capacity in the marketing department? You also can't find the right experts to drive topics forward quickly and safely? This is the reality in many companies. As a result, marketing is flying by sight and often even flying blind without appropriate data analysis.

Strategy and measurability are lacking

There is no clear strategy or the existing strategy is not lived and measured? Many companies find themselves in a situation characterized by overwhelming day-to-day business. The modus operandi is: you lag behind. There is no time for strategy and planning and when you do find the time, it is only sporadic. So it is impossible to make measurable progress.

Successes are absent

Marketing does not have a good standing within the company? Revenue targets are not being met? For many marketing teams, this situation is everyday life. A lack of success ensures that marketing doesn't get the confidence it needs to break free and make a positive contribution to the business in the long term.




We analyze the status quo. This includes not only the corporate strategy but also the current situation of marketing. Based on all data points, we develop a holistic and appropriate marketing strategy.



We are on site, are your sparring partner and manage stakeholders, employees as well as daily challenges. We accompany marketing teams in setting up/expanding processes. Our focus is on the transfer of knowledge and the long-term empowerment of internal teams.



We develop the technical and cultural foundations for a data-driven marketing organization. In doing so, we set up the relevant infrastructure and enable employees to act data-driven in the long term.

How our
customers benefit

A marketing organization that can grow

We think in terms of scaling. All processes, structures and activities are designed for scalability. We enable companies to grow without friction losses.

First successes and strategic momentum

We help marketing managers and strategy managers to strengthen their position in the organization through initial successes. This creates a strong backing in the organization and the necessary self-confidence for a growing marketing organization.

Long-term empowerment of the internal team

We are not here to stay. This means that we enable internal teams to act independently in the long term and to grow sustainably on their own.


We leave lasting traces of success.

We support

- Management / Founders
- Chief Marketing Officer
- Head of Marketing

We offer

- Strategy development
- Implementation support
- Enablement

We enable

- clear strategies
- fast and measurable results
- independent organization


Leading companies in B2B and B2C already trust us.

Our experts have already worked with many established companies and start-ups in the B2C and B2B sectors. Together with our clients, we have laid the foundation for an independent and sustainably growing marketing organization that contributes positively to the company's development.

Case studies

Case Study - Development of Marketing & Sales at seero is a joint venture founded by LEG Wohnen, Oventrop, and mantro. seero develops the first smart thermostat with hydraulic balancing and artificial intelligence for the housing industry.


Over a period of 5 months, an independent marketing and sales team was established. In addition, an organizational structure with all necessary processes and interfaces was created.


The team saw a significant increase in inbound and outbound marketing within the first few months. Sales and Marketing were empowered through content and processes to achieve initial sales success.


Case Study - B2C - Marketing expansion at

Grillido is a leader in hybrid barbecue products and vegan meat alternatives.


Over a period of 18 months, the online sales channels and the marketing, team and organizational structure were expanded in a targeted manner. In addition, a complete store conversion including redesign was completed.


As a result of the measures implemented, Grillido was able to record a significant increase in sales and repurchase rates after just a few months. The increase in the repurchase rate is due to the targeted and consistent optimization of the online store. Product development was expanded to include customer data through targeted loyalty programs.

Katharina Greier
Head of marketing studio
Markus Ortmann
Marketing Advisor
Procedure of a successful cooperation.

Marketing management and empowerment for long-term growth.

From holistic marketing strategy to organizational consulting, creative campaign to data-based evaluation model.
We consult, develop, design, and implement together.

01 Analysis

We analyze the status quo and record all the requirements that a functioning and productive marketing organization must meet.

02 Conception

We develop strategy, organization, as well as creative concepts to achieve initial success and align the organization for long-term growth.

03 Implementation

We implement the planned concept and measures together with internal teams. In doing so, we pay attention to knowledge transfer in order to achieve long-term and sustainable empowerment.

04 Accompaniment

If necessary, our experts are available for questions and smaller projects. But here, too, the rule is: we are not an extended workbench, but we. help you to help yourself.


01 How does a project run?

Every project begins with an intro call. We use this to determine if and to what extent we can help. Once a project is assigned, we proceed in 4 phases. Analysis, conception, implementation and support.

02 Howlong do you work together?

The project lengths are as different as our clients. Generally, we receive mandates for project lengths between 3 and 24 months. The duration of a project is largely determined by the complexity of the mandate.

03 How does the empowerment of your own teams take place?

Empowerment takes place throughout the entire collaboration. Our experts work hand in hand with internal teams to enable continuous knowledge transfer. The marketing studio is also available for questions and consulting mandates after an official collaboration to ensure that a smooth transition takes place.





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