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mantro rethought

At the beginning of 2021, we started to restructure mantro. Why we did this and what it means for the future?

The discussions and the process of this restructuring were one of the most significant decisions in mantro's history. It was the culmination of more than a year's work.

When we founded mantro in 2005, all we really wanted to do was earn money to get our start-up off the ground. None of us had any idea what it would become. Here is the complete journey of what we have been through over the last 17 years:

- 2005-2007 / Manfred, Markus and Ben get to know each other and start working on common ideas

- 2008-2011 / GmbH starts developing software for corporate clients

- 2012-2014 / Start of company development with the development and market launch of the first mantro software products/ventures.

- 2015-2018 / First exit and start of corporate joint venturing

- 2019-2021 / Rapid growth and build-up of corporate debt.

- 2022 - Future

In principle, we were always profitable and recorded corresponding revenues to be able to grow sustainably. However, with our success in venture building, we grew too fast. We started to dilute our organizational structures, our culture and our strategy.

It didn't take long for us to realize that we needed to reorganize and restructure. We wanted to take the helm in our company back into our own hands to build a better company for our employees and customers.

For many, mantro was more of a network than a company even before the restructuring. It had grown into a kind of ecosystem thanks to the diverse ventures and the large number of different people. After a comprehensive analysis and what felt like a thousand conversations, we came to the conclusion that mantro had indeed developed into an ecosystem of organizations and individuals. Knowledge, experience, methods, tools and affiliation are fluid in this environment. And this identity and circumstance is the blueprint for restructuring and realignment. What may seem sudden now is the result of a long and organic transformation, a volatile journey with many ups and downs.

New webpage, February 2022
New webpage, February 2022

What we did next is relatively simple. We dove deep into our history to find out why we founded mantro. We talked to our employees, partners and friends to find out who we are. We analyzed what has happened so far (good and bad) and what opportunities there are for us in the future.

The result: We have split mantro into different companies. Although fundamentally different in their core business, they are aligned around the same overarching mission: to help our customers meet the challenge of digital transformation. As part of the restructuring, we reached out to each employee to find out which organization in the mantro ecosystem best fits their talents and goals.

Today, the mantro ecosystem consists of six companies (Venture Studio, Product Studio, Intelligence Studio, Growth Studio, Software Studio, Integration Studio). All six studios share the same vision of the future, but interpret their contribution differently. With our reorganized understanding and positioning, we have realigned ourselves for the future and our partners.

We strongly believe that as an industry, we should be talking more about change like this. We hope that our experiences can be helpful to those considering a similar path.

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