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mantro product studio turns one year

August 2022
Over a year ago, we founded mantro product studio. Here's why we did it and how it turned out so far.


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As an organization started and run by builders and tinkerers, mantro had grown to be the home of people who build stuff, sometimes all by themselves as a venture, sometimes as a collaboration with corporates. Throughout the past 17 years, mantro has worked on many different things in many areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, from traditional IT services to joint-venturing with corporate clients. It was always about building but never about strategy. As a result, following a clear and focused business strategy was impossible, which held back the promising opportunities in the market and inside mantro.

With our decision to restructure mantro, we decided to bundle our unparalleled building power and execution speed into one dedicated company. And so mantro product studio was born.

We are building innovation at an insane speed. That is the fundamental pitch of the mantro product studio. It's stupid simple yet highly effective. And we are incredibly good at it. That's why we are fully committed to it.

To get things rolling, we legally founded mantro product studio. We asked two of mantro's most experienced employees and leaders to head up the company and started building innovation with our clients. And it worked beautifully. Clients love the work, and the company is growing at a healthy and sustainable rate. Oliver Thum and Yannic Metz, both managing directors, carefully handle organizational growth to avoid the build-up of organizational debt, which mantro experienced in the past in periods of high growth.

Summer Party 2022

In 2022, mantro product studio has grown from 5 to 30 employees. By 2023, mantro product studio aims to double down on its relentless focus on execution and a shorter time to market. At the same time, the organization remains a testing ground for collaborative and transparent operating models.

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